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Phoenix charter for counselling practice

We offer focused anger management courses to individuals and small group anger management courses, and workshops. Now Booking one day anger course, on Monday 30th April 2018; next Saturday one day anger workshop 5th May 2018. To book an anxiety and stress management course, at our Dagenham practice.

Phoenix Counselling Service is committed to offering professional counselling, therapy and psychotherapy to the general public that is safe, affordable, ethical and effective.  Here is our counselling protocol to achieve effective counselling Essex wide and affordable counselling London all areas.

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Phoenix Charter for counselling practice.

* All contact with Phoenix staff, will be treated with dignity, sensitivity and an appropriate level of confidentiality. We strive to answer telephone calls promptly and honour appointments or workshop bookings abiding by our counselling protocol to offer affordable counselling London wide and effective counselling Essex area.

 * Phoenix Counselling Service strives to maintain the standards of this charter in its  contact with users by e-mail, telephone, face to face therapy sessions and by web site resources at Phoenix Counselling Service

 * At Phoenix we believe the culture, beliefs and needs of service users are paramount and we strive to respect these at all times

 * Client records showing contact details are kept strictly confidential and stored securely at all times

 * Every client is usually invited to give feedback on completion of contact

 * All client fees and all monies received are banked in Phoenix Counselling Service account - all current financial accounts are on view on the web site at all times

 * All Phoenix Counselling Staff abide by a professional code of conduct, are expected by Phoenix to be fully insured and have appropriate CRB checks

 * New patients will usually be contacted within 48 hours of receiving referral and will usually be seen within 7 to 10 working days from their initial contact

 * Counsellors are expected by Phoenix to arrive for all sessions at least ten minutes prior to appointment time

 * Phoenix anticipates all sessions a client has contracted for will be charged for, unless the counsellor fails to attend

 * The usual counselling session length is 50 minutes

 * Phoenix expects that counsellors attend and stay for full sessions where a client has contracted to attend

 * Phoenix strives to ensure that counsellors receive appropriate support, own therapy and supervision for the work given on behalf of Phoenix Counselling Service

 * Phoenix Counsellors will terminate any session where the work is deemed to be of excessive risk

 * Phoenix Counsellors are prepared, where it is helpful to the client, to make appropriate referral on to another profession counsellor or appropriate agencies

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Phoenix Charter for counselling practice

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