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Phoenix Counselling Service offers confidential, affordable, counselling and therapy, a counsellor for all London, Essex

Minutes of PCS Steering Group

Book anger courses and workshops - next courses - weekday Wednesday 27th March; next weekend one day anger workshop Saturday 13th April

Phoenix Counselling Service Steering Group Report 13 11 10 by Roger Lloyd  (Co-ordinator).

Agreed by Deborah Davies; Val Eggleton; Jacky Ross.

1. Finances.

We are currently meeting all our outgoings with 1000 in hand at the bank.

2. Referrals.

We are currently offering appointments to our own counsellors in 7 - 10 days ( ie no waiting list ). All our established trainees are seeing 2 or 3 clients each and we have clients in the pipeline for our 3 new trainees. All our associates have received at least one referral since the beginning of Oct 10 except our new associate Debbie Almond, she is in the Wanstead area where we have good coverage locally, hopefully an appropriate referral will arrive for her soon.

3. Training placements.

We are currently interviewing with one place in our present supervision groups available.

4. Associates.

As mentioned above we have added a new associate in the Wanstead area since the last Steering Group plus Emma Bradshaw has stepped up from the position of trainee to become an associate working at and booking rooms at our Dagenham centre.

5. BACP accreditation.

We were denied re-accreditation mainly due to the services we offer lying outside the BACP accreditation process ( our anger management workshops; our DNA testing; our offering referrals to associates who are psychotherapists UKCP registered ).

6. Continuing Professional Development.

We held a successful seminar with the theme of "A Sight of Art Therapy" this November - and plan to hold the next meeting in February 2011.

This would be a good date for our next steering group to meet prior to our AGM 2011, usually held March/April time.


Phoenix Counselling Service welcomes referrals for counselling from a trained counsellor, therapist from health professionals, GPs, solicitors and other mental health organisations. Our service is a not for profit service, with a Steering Group acting as a management committee, an AGM or annual general meeting receiving an annual report and accounts, minutes and offering an invitation to the general public to attend. Our service can be accessed from most areas of Barking and Dagenham, Havering, Newham Redbridge, Waltham Forest, London, Essex In these circumstances we are happy to see clients for individual and group low cost counselling, if called for for all issues and problems. Where we are unable to offer help we attempt to refer clients on to more specialist services and we have a full complaints procedure in place as our BACP accreditation demands

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Counselling or therapy can help as part of the treatment of Addictions, Anxiety, Abuse, Anger Management, Low self worth, Loss / Bereavement, Relationships, Relationship Difficulties, Divorce Sexuality, Suicide, Separation, Self-esteem, Stress, Sexual Abuse Trauma, the search for more meaning to life, across London, Essex, accessible most areas inside M25.

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