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Phoenix Counselling Service is BACP accredited and offers confidential, affordable, counselling and therapy, a counsellor for all London, Essex

Gay men, counselling, Central London

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Brief description of page;- A Central London therapist offering psychotherapy, individual counselling, therapy, to all, specialising in work with gay men, exploring sexuality, HIV issues, accessible for a Central London therapist, gay counselling London area.

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A Central London therapist, counsellor, psychotherapist  for gay men, offering individual therapy and supervision. Psychotherapy for gay men exploring depression, anxiety, loneliness, sexuality, HIV, stress, anger, relationship and all issues. To contact, for an assessment, further information click HERE or phone 0208 595 9633 - practice in NW3, Kentish Town, Hampstead Heath, Belsize Park accessible to Inner London, Central London, North London area, for all seeking a gay counsellor London area, a specialist counsellor gay men London area.

You would work with a Central London therapist, counsellor offering therapy as well as individual counselling, psychotherapy specialising in work with gay men, perhaps where there is a desire to explore sexuality or issues connected to HIV. Practice is in easy reach of the City, west and north London.

Therapy is:-

 a regular and reliable space where you can feel supported, share concerns and gently explore your underlying emotional and relationship difficulties from the past and in the present.

You will be helped by the therapists insights and understanding.

Typically you meet once weekly and sessions last the therapeutic hour or fifty minutes.

Therapy has proved effective for resolving specific issues such as feelings of anxiety or anger, low self worth,  for supporting and encouraging a sense of new hope where you have experienced loss or trauma. Also people use therapy to gain greater self knowledge and to explore essential questions of belief.

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Frequently we receive requests for counselling from clients who live too far from our centres to be seen by our counsellors or whose therapeutic needs require specialist help. In these instances we refer them to one of our associates.

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Counselling or therapy can help as part of the treatment of Addictions, Anxiety, Abuse, Anger Management, Low self worth, Loss / Bereavement, Relationships, Relationship Difficulties, Divorce Sexuality, Suicide, Separation, Self-esteem, Stress, Sexual Abuse Trauma, the search for more meaning to life, across London, Essex, accessible most areas inside M25.

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