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Phoenix Counselling Service for confidential, affordable counselling and therapy, a counsellor for all London, Essex. Tel : 0208 984 9887; mob. 07941943916, e-mail our referral co-ordinator. News of next bereavement workshop.

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Any questions, all inquiries, or to make an appointment Tel : 0208 984 9887,  07941943916 or email us

Our news. Individual focused anger management or next One Day Anger Management Workshops - now booking next weekday one day anger workshop on Monday 30th April 2018; now booking the Saturday one day anger management workshop on 5th May 2018; booking and anger workshop programme. Book on a tailored individual course of anxiety and stress management,

For a 4 session anxiety or stress management course East London venue.

Next booking on a tailored individual course of anxiety and stress management, East London venue. Addressing being stressed out at work and or with your family - we offer a 1-2-1 four session stress management course East London venue local to London, Essex, Kent and local areas, with a trained positive psychologist.

Alternatively to register interest or book on the next one day anxiety management course send us an e-mail with your name, address, telephone number. We will then contact you to arrange dates and times convenient to you.

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Our aim :- is to offer counselling to all regardless of gender, age ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, ex-offender or refugee status.

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E-mail for details of the upcoming one -to-one anxiety management course, accessible to London, Essex, Kent and the surrounding area.

Programme of the four session anxiety management course or workshop.

To consider theory of anxiety management / therapy to manage stress.

The benefits of a counselling approach to anxiety management / stress therapy.

Identifying where personal anxiety / stress comes form.

- Using a Life Line to notice times of crisis / trauma / transition encouraging acceptance of changed behaviour around these times.

- Searching for and understanding we each have family patterns, and a personal anxiety history, derived from early experiences.

- Exploring stress at work and any imbalance of work and personal or family time.

Techniques / Tools to manage excessive anxiety / stress / panic.

- Progressive relaxation.

- Consideration of life patterns and potential changes.

- A Life Audit.

- Anxiety Management Diary.

- The “Sleep Diet”.

- The “Ten Second” rule.

Testimonials for our stress management course East London and Kent area / stress management Essex area from attendees on previous courses.

“ I am now aware of my thinking and the reasons for my actions”.

“I and my GP have been searching for years for some help for me, the course has given this”.

“ when I began here I wasn’t sleeping, my work was affected as well as my home relationships. This has all cleared up.”

“I shall be keeping a diary so that things do not snowball out of control in my life as they did before”.

Certificate of Attendance.

Fee for four 1 1/2 hour sessions is 200.00.

Useful Resources

The Royal College of Psychiatrists  by clicking on Press & Public you can access information on mental health issues including coping with stress

The Samaritans have an Exam Stress mini-site.

Childline have a section with fact sheets on exam stress and bullying.

Stress UK is dedicated to education about stress.

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Tel : (44) 0208 984 9887 - 24 hr message service; mob : 07941943916.

Phoenix Charter for counselling practice.

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