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Phoenix Counselling Service offers confidential, affordable, counselling and therapy, a counsellor for all London, Essex

AGM 2012 counselling service London

Book anger courses and workshops - next courses - weekday Wednesday 27th March; next weekend one day anger workshop Saturday 13th April

Minutes of Phoenix Counselling Service AGM Monday 16th April 2012, 6.00pm

1 Present : Jacky Ross; Kamwaljeet Sanghera; Roger Lloyd; Harleh Parsizadeh.

Apologies : Valerie Eggleton; Deborah Davies; Ann Greenwood; Antony Johnston; Corrine Roberts; Pia Raty.

2 Minutes of 2011 AGM agreed.

3 The meeting received the Co-ordinator’s Report and noted the Thanks expressed to all staff.

4 The meeting received the financial report / accounts and noted that as a “not for profit” social enterprise we are bound not to make a profit and are still working with a bank balance in credit.

5 The meeting received the Placement Manager’s report - currently we have 7 trainees on placement, 2 ending this summer, next interviews are in May for new trainees.

6 Election of Steering Group Representatives : Roger Lloyd - Coordinator; Jacky Ross - Placement Manager; Valerie Eggleton - Administrator; Deborah Davies - Associate Representative; the post for Trainee Representative is currently open.

7. AOB - Noted that new trainees were unaware that AGM too place the 2nd Monday of the Easter break - this date will be removed as a break date in their agreement.

8 Phoenix Counselling Service AGM 2012 closed at 6.30pm.

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Counselling or therapy can help as part of the treatment of Addictions, Anxiety, Abuse, Anger Management, Low self worth, Loss / Bereavement, Relationships, Relationship Difficulties, Divorce Sexuality, Suicide, Separation, Self-esteem, Stress, Sexual Abuse Trauma, the search for more meaning to life, across London, Essex, accessible most areas inside M25.

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