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Page in Brief Our counsellors are asked about counselling and therapy whether it can be brief or long term, low cost, at home, for men or only women, finding a therapist. Low fee individual and group therapy is a core provision for Phoenix. Does it treat anxiety, loss, anger, stress, relationship problems, low self esteem, sexual abuse. More questions below, more about us here.To navigate around the site use the menu bar on the left and at the bottom of the page, individual issues also have direct links, appearing in blue.


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We welcome referrals for finding a therapist, psychotherapist from health professionals, GPs, solicitors and other mental health organisations with patients, clients seeking brief therapy or long term counselling, low cost therapy, counselling at home,  counselling for anxiety, loss, anger, stress, relationship problems, low self esteem. Our service can be accessed from most areas of Barking and Dagenham, Havering, Newham Redbridge, Waltham Forest, London, Essex In these circumstances we are happy to see clients for individual and group low cost counselling if called for for all issues and problems. Where we are unable to offer help we attempt to refer clients on to more specialist services

These are a few of the questions asked by new clients. Please e-mail us your own inquiry or concern.

Question : Iím working, do you see people in the evening?

Answer : People often enter counselling because, the way they are feeling, they are finding it difficult to do their job. They attend for counselling before or after work and no-one in the workplace is even aware they are receiving counselling.

Q : How long will it take?

A : At the start there is no way of being certain how long it will take before you feel the counselling has worked. Usually the shortest treatment is six or seven sessions. You decide if you want the treatment to be longer.

Q : Iím unsure how members of my family will feel to hear Iím having therapy?

A : Your counsellor is required to respect and maintain your confidentiality. Your family will only know that you are receiving counselling if you yourself choose to tell them.

Q : How long will I have to wait to be seen?

A : This will depend on how flexible you can be regarding what time of day you can be seen. You will certainly be seen for an initial assessment within 7 to 14 days. At this session you will map, with your counsellor, the type and timing of your treatment.

Q : How soon after beginning counselling will I feel better?

A : The reason people enter therapy is generally because they are experiencing pain or suffering of some kind. The counselling itself can be painful as we tackle our internal defenses and change our unhelpful behaviour. Having survived these painful times people who have received counselling talk of the enormous benefits, help and relief it brings.

The first step is to attend for an initial consultation, or assessment, at one of our centre across London, Essex, with a trained counsellor. Presently the fee for this is £35 - £50, thereafter fees are set according to your means. Allow up to an hour for this session. To book an appointment or inquire further Tel: 0208 984 9887 or > > >E-mail> > > our referral therapist.



Year by year Phoenix Counselling Service serves over 350 people by phone, face to face, individual therapy, couples work, group therapy, one day courses and workshops.


We continued to offer a no waiting policy for both assessment and ongoing work, offering clients who contacted an appointment within two or three days and that appointment being for within 7 to 10 days at most, sometimes even within 24 hours.

We have particular policies in place where counselling at home, or to clients in care is asked for, perhaps where the patient has experienced loss or low self esteem. Those experiencing difficulty finding a therapist in these cases will be aware that our counsellorís safety should take precedence and also that the necessary conditions are in place for either brief therapy or long term counselling, low cost therapy to take place.

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Tel : (44) 0208 595 9633 - 24 hr message service.

Covering Barking, Barnet, Bethnal Green, Camden counselling, Central London, Barking, Barnet, Chingford, Dagenham, Enfield, Finsbury Park, Goodmayes, Hainault, Harold Wood, Highgate, Hornchurch, Ilford, Kingís Cross, Leyton, Leytonstone, Newham, Romford, Rainham, Saffron Walden, Collier Row, Upminster, Wanstead and Walthamstow, West Hampstead accessible to South London, East London, Essex and Kent, accessible most areas inside M25.

Phoenix Charter for counselling practice.

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Our aim :- is to offer counselling to all regardless of gender, age ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, ex-offender or refugee status.

We urgently need funding for work with clients on low income who presently cannot access counselling or therapy, if you know of funding sources we should approach please e-mail us. Thanks!

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